• Underground car parking system is the perfect place for car parking. Nostec parking make underground parking far safety and more affordable than conventional car parking.

    The two car stacker is an in-ground and modular car stacking system. It can easily park two vehicles below ground level. It is an intelligent parking solution and particularly useful for private residences and multi-storied apartment blocks where parking space is at a premium.

Key features

  • 1. No obstruction of views or sunlight
    2. Anti-falling safety protection device
    3. Front & Rear Infrared sensor detective system to prevent the car over length.
    4. Chain balancing system, smooth operation
    5. Overvoltage overload protection
    6. Accurate control by limit switch
    7. It makes much more land available for non-parking uses
    8. Due to the parking structure, parked cars are unseen
    9. Improved liquid and solid waste pollution control etc.


Model PJS Underground car Parking System
Parking levels 2-4  levels
Optimal parking capacity 4 parking spaces/per system
Car size Car weight ≤2500kg
Max Car size(T type) 5300*1950*1950mm
Max Car size(D type) 5000*1850*1550mm
Equipment Motor Lift Motor 3.7 kw
Speed Lift speed 4-8m/min
Average retrieval time 40s
Parking plate Integral car board
Operation mode Button, IC Card, Touch screen
Control system PLC control
Power 3-Phase AC380V/50Hz

Working video for reference

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