• The tower parking system is a fully automated car parking lift that is ideal for narrow spaces. Multiples of this parking system design can be built side-by-side for increased parking capacity.

    This fully automated parking lift is suitable for medium or large scale buildings. It can also be used as a stand alone tower for a parking garage business.

Key features

  • 1. Parking 10-60 cars in only three parking spaces.
    2. High speed of entry and retrieval
    3. Bottom, middle and top entrance possible
    4. The superior performance, reasonable price, low vibration, low noise, etc.
    5. Smart control: Light, mechanical, electrical and computer management integration.
    6. 2.8 tons max. Load to meet luxury vehicle or SUV.
    7. Suitable for high density parking requirement, like office building, hospital.
    8. Adopt comb exchange technology to save time in half, the average store/retrieve time is only 60 seconds.


Model PCS Tower Parking System
Parking levels ≤25
Max capacity 50 parking space/tower
Car size Car weight ≤2800kg
Max Car size(T type) 5300*1950*1950mm
Max Car size(D type) 5000*1850*1550mm
Specifications Motor Lift Motor 30kw
Traverse motor 0.2kw
Rotary motor 2.2kw
  Lift speed ≤90m/min
Speed Traverse speed ≤25m/min
  Rotary speed 2-4rmp
Average retrieval time 60s
Conveyance system Comb-exchange
Speed control Vector frequency converter
Operation mode Button, IC Card, Touch screen
Control system PLC control
Power 3-Phase AC380V/50Hz
Entrance Automatic door
Tower Space size 6500*6900mm

Working video for reference

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