• Shuttle Parking System utilize several vertical lifts and horizontal shuttles that operate together. The shuttles and lifts can work at the same time ensuring excellent access times despite the large number of parking spaces. They operate on multiple levels; over-ground, underground or a combination of both.

Key features

  • Fully automatic operation
    Anti-theft and damage protection
    Efficient space utilization
    Fast car retrieving
    Easy PLC type Controls
    Above and / or underground available
    Vertical levels: 2 to 12 parking levels


Model PPY Shuttle lift Parking System
Parking levels 2-12 levels
Capacity At least 60 vehicles
Car size Car weight ≤2800kg
Max Car size(T type) 5300*1950*1950mm
Max Car size(D type) 5000*1850*1550mm
Specifications Motor Lift Motor Max 22kw
Traverse motor 1.5 kw
Speed Lift speed 30-90m/min
Traverse speed 80-120m/min
Average retrieval time 90s
Conveyance system Comb-exchange
Operation mode Button, IC Card, Touch screen
Control system PLC control
Power 3-Phase AC380V/50Hz
Entrance Automatic door
Floor space required rectangular

Working video for reference

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