• Up to 20 vehicles can be accommodated within the space normally taken up by two vehicles. A simple touch screen PLC control is provided to allow one-touch operation to retrieve the vehicle, suitable for public use.

    Due to the simple design of the system, maintenance is minimal and the system is extremely safe and reliable. Impossible for vehicles to fall with endless chain and pallet drop prevention system.

Key features

  • 1. Little space required
    2. Intelligent rotary direction (Clockwise and Anti-clockwise direction)
    3. Photo sensors at the front part and rear part in the entrance
    4. Photo sensors at both sides for car door opening
    5. Over current relay for motor protection
    6. Emergency stop service
    7. Overrun stopper on the pallet
    8. Car-falling prevention device (Tie bolting system for main chain holder)


Model PCX Rotary Parking System
Parking levels 5-11 levels
Capacity 8-20 vehicles
Car size Car weight ≤2500kg
Max Car size(T type) 5300*1950*1950mm
Max Car size(D type) 5000*1850*1550mm
Equipment Lift Motor 7.5kw
Cycle Speed 4.4m/min
Occupy space 6500*5500mm
Operation mode Button, IC Card, Touch screen
Drive mode Motor +Chain
Control system PLC control
  Power 3-Phase AC380V/50Hz

Working video for reference

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