• The puzzle system also called automatic lift and sliding parking system, this system have two or more levels of parking. It’s design has a structure that enables use of all parking entrances and exits on ground level.

    Car parker can have multiple levels above, pit style below, or a combination of both.

Key features

  • Self-parking (No valet required)
    Ideal parking solution for narrow and long area.
    Multiple entries to reduce time
    Low operating cost and Easy maintenance
    PLC computer control, simple operation
    Variation available from 2 to 10 levels
    Photoelectric detection, make the vehicle park in order;
    Anti-falling device to ensure the safety of the vehicle;


Model PSH-Lifting and sliding
Parking levels ≤10
Car parking size
(Standard size)
Length 5000*1850*1550mm
Weight 2500kg
First floor can park SUV
Working motor Lift motor 2.2kw, with electromagnetic brake
Sliding motor 0.2kw, with electromagnetic brake
Working speed Lift speed 8-12m/min
Sliding speed 4.0m/min
Ways of parking Reverse to parking, going forward for out
Drive system Motor and chains (or cables)
Operation type Button control and IC Card.
Power Supply      3-Phase AC380V / 50Hz

Working video for reference

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